Supporting Our Youth Through Positive Enrichment Programs

At Dream Tank, we guide the young people in Sullivan County so they don’t follow a way of life that prevents them from having a bright future. We understand that in order for us to successfully connect with them, we must use strategies that are culturally responsive. By doing so, we are able to meet young people where they are and grow along with them in their journey.

Our after-school programs and activities are designed for the students in Sulliven County. They provide avenues for young people to express their creativity, discover their purpose, and achieve their goals.

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Permission Slip

  • Dream Tank Activities & Field Trip Consents

  • There may be certain days where after school Dream Tank activities last longer than 4:30pm. When that occurs, MCSD late buses will be unavailable to bring your child home. Please see activity schedule for days which that will occur. That schedule is subject to change and there may be other activities that require your child to find their own means of transportation home. Please note below how you would like your child to get home:
  • My child is allowed to walk home if activity is located at school or close to home in Monticello:
  • If no, student will be required to be picked up by parent/guardian or person(s) noted below:
  • I acknowledge that my child is in good physical health and suffers from no condition that would restrict her/him from participation in any program activities.

    Liability Clause: I understand that Monticello Central School District and Creative Think Tank inc. (a.k.a. Dream Tank) shall not be responsible or legally liable for any bodily injuries or the result thereof incurred and suffered by my child while engaged in any activity, unless such loss or injury results directly from negligence or willful act of any employee or volunteer of the Monticello Central School District or Creative Think Tank inc. (a.k.a. Dream Tank) acting outside the scope of their employment duties.

    Medical Consent: I consent that my child be transported and given medical treatment if needed.

    Other: I also give consent for my child to have their photo or video published for advertisements, publications, social media or press release.

    By signing I am confirming that I have read and understand this document in its entirety and I am in full agreement. I am granting permission for my child to participate in all programs and activities. Should any circumstances arise during the event, I will be available to pick up my child. My child knows that inappropriate behavior may result in removal from activities and ineligibility from future events.
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